Quality ensures Quantity


Highest concentration in the market. Cost effective in use for the best possible results and premium quality yields. Effortless input will overwhelm you!


We have made it easy for you. Our  cultivating experience, more than 40 years in the Dutch greenhouses,  is bottled in our premium nutrients.

Bio Nova USP Simple Simple

Three  ways to grow, three easy ways to success: Basic, Dedicated and Professional. Easy for every grower, depending on budget and experience.

Food Graded

Plants love this kind food.  All components are 100% pure and produced  with food-grade ingredients. No ballast salts, polluting components and low in heavy metals.


The entire production facility runs on wind energy and buildings are heated with bio-gas. All our packings are 100% recyclable.


All products are certified by the Regulatory Authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation ( No: BRS20401383)  and  registered at the NMI, Nutrient Management Institute. Material Safety datasheets (to be found on here) are according the international REACH-norm.


Our own scientists create these premium nutrients, not only with their ideas and view on the international market, but also  in cooperation with our customers to meet their needs. Your green companion in every way!


The oldest and most respected brand from Holland. Founded in 1993 and a leading company in the market ever since. The first and still the best!