Unique Selling Points


The Bio Nova products are from the highest possible concentration of organics and minerals in the market. Technically it is not possible to produce higher concentrations. Comparison lists show that there are hardly any other brands that come near. Here through the appliance of the products is very cost effective with on the other side the highest possible results and yields from a premium quality.


All Bio Nova products are from premium++ quality and developed through a long term experience. The company was founded early in the 90’s after many years of development “in the field”, the greenhouses of the netherlands.


Growers are divided into three groups: basic, dedicated and professional. So either novice, devoted or pro growers can simply apply a few (basic) or all products (professional)


All the ingredients are from the highest quality available on the world market and many times produced in the netherlands, a country with a superior agricultural industry, but also found in the usa, canada, scandinavia, europe and other places.

Food grade

All components are from a food-grade quality. This means that they are produced 100% pure, so no ballast salts, heavy metals or any other polluting component. Plants love this kind of pure premium food and will produce at their best.


Bio Nova works for a better and greener world. The entire production facility runs on wind energy and buildings are heated with bio-gas. All waste products and packings are separated for recycling. Co2 compensation is applied for flights and travel. All Bio Nova packings are 100% recyclable.


All single and assembled products are certified by the Regulatory Authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation under number BRS20401383. As well are they registered at the NMI, Nutrient Management Institute. Mineral nutrients fulfil the EC norm 2003/2003. Organic/biologic products fulfil the AFNOR (NF U) regulations. Material Safety datasheets (to be found on our website) are according the international REACH-norm.


As part of our process, we maintain co-operative relationships with external laboratories. We create mutually beneficial networks with members of the scientific community whose studies correspond to our interests. In addition to that, we closely monitor the international market for ideas that could lead to better products . And most important of all, we keep our door open to our customers and invite their input. We listen to their concerns and challenges, and we respond with products to meet their needs.


With a cultivating experience of almost 40 years we have proven ourselves and the company already established in 1993 we are a leading company in the market.


The company is specialized in worldwide export. We take care for all the paperwork, custom requirements, special certifications or any other technical support that is needed.

Additional service

As an experienced company we care for our clients. Any technical or biological question can be submitted for direct answers or further going analyses. We are always there to support you. Also can we analyse your soil, water, leaves or check for unknown bugs and pests.